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Many people have said that it is not possible to build a trike which is suitable for road as well as off road. Others have said, you must have suspension to give a smooth ride. However, this increases the weight, adds complication, and cost. Well, the Greenspeed Magnum breaks the mould in trike design! No longer is it necessary to agonize between the choice of a high seat trike for off road, or a low seat trike for on road, suspension or non-suspension, disc brakes or drum brakes, or a heavy, low performance trike to take your weight.The Magnum is the 1st recumbent trike to have a seat which is adjustable for height. Plus it is adjustable for angle as well. The seat height is adjustable from 12” to 17” and both adjustments are with Quick Release levers. Thus the rider can choose the seat height to suit ease of entry and exit, the riding conditions, and personal preference – low for speed and high for visibility in traffic. Some riders may find they need the seat high at first to help get them on and off the trike. Later as they become fitter and loose weight, they might find they can lower the seat and take advantage of the lower centre of gravity. This gives better cornering and road holding. Wind tunnel tests show that the lower seat is also 2 mph faster at 25 mph.

While the seat may look simple, it is actually the most comfortable on the market. First ofall, the seat cover is completely open weave. This allows cooling to the back, and does not hold water if it rains. Then the curves were designed by a chiropractor to give proper support to both the lumbar and the shoulders. Secondly the shock cord lacing provides a good fit to your back, plus it provides suspension for insulation from road shock. Suspension is also provided by the Schwalbe “Big Apple” balloon tyres which give both a low rolling resistance and a comfortable ride. The third secret in the Greenspeed ride is the frame. Normally aluminium frames give a hard ride. However, each tube on the Magnum was carefully selected to give the same good ride characteristics as the Cro Mo frames. Thus by just adjusting the tyre pressures, the trike is equally at home on rough roads and smooth roads.Now for off road use, you need a high ground clearance, and low gears, yet for road use you need high gears, and good road holding. The Magnum has a massive 5” of ground clearance, yet with the seat low, and the cambered wheels it has outstanding road holding. Plus the 11-34 cassette combined with the 52/42/30 triple crank-set gives a wide range of gears, from 18” in bottom to 95” in top gear – a range of 527%! So you can easily go fast or slow.

Disc brakes normally have superior stopping power to drums brakes, but disc brakes make it harder to take the wheels off and on. They are also difficult to adjust, the pads wear faster, and they cause more drag. So the Magnum is the 1st trike to use the new, larger 90 mm Sturmey Archer (S.A.) drum brakes. Plus they are used with the matching S.A. brake levers, which are longer, and have more leverage. Thus the performance is as good as the disc brakes without all the disadvantages. Then as a bonus, they come with a press button quick release. So if you need to make the trike smaller, to place it in your car, taking the wheels off is effortless! So with the central frame hinge, and the quick release wheels, the Magnum will pack down in to a box (33 x 29 x 18") not much larger than its smaller brother, the Greenspeed GT1.The smaller 16 inch wheeled GT trikes have been limited to a rider weight of 265 lbs. Whereas the Magnum, with its larger diameter frame tubes, has rider weight limit of a whopping 400 lbs!  Yet thanks to the high strength 7005 aluminium tubing, the weight of the whole trike is only 2 lbs more than the GT1, at 42 lbs.  So you can be sure that the trike will be strong enough to cope with all your adventures.In keeping with the heavy duty nature of the Magnum, a new luggage rack which is rated 88lbs has been designed and produced especially for the Magnum, and has passed the 100,000 cycle vibration test at this loading


Check out their website for more information -

While previous Grenspeed Hand Trikes were always built to suit the size and ability of the rider, we wanted to lower the cost of the machines to bring hand cycling to a greater number of people than those who could afford to pay for a specially built, one off machine. Thus to mass produce them, we needed to make them adjustable to suit a wide range of riders. To this end the Magnum, with its adjustable seat, and strong yet light frame was an ideal base. So the Hand Magnum has all the great features which has made the Magnum our best selling trike. The seat adjusts both for rake and for height. The wheels pop off using wheelchair type Quick-Release axles, the seat is detachable with 3 quick releases, and the frame folds in half for easy transport or storage. In addition the cranking and steering column folds forward to allow easy mounting and dismounting from the machine. Plus the cranking and steering head can be raised or lowered with the flip of a handy quick release lever. And as well as the seat back being adjustable fore and aft, the steering and cranking head can be moved fore and aft. To accommodate different leg lengths, there is 6" of foot rest adjustment, plus the footrest length can be reduced by up to 10" making a total leg adjustment of 16" available.

Thus the Hand Magnum draws on over twenty years of development at Greenspeed, plus has a host of new features over previous Greenspeed Hand Cycles. Right from the start we realized that unlike most bike riders, hand cycles riders were not normally able to get off their machines and push if the hills were too steep, so we added extra gearing systems which enables riders to climb mountains when they felt they needed the challenge. The Hand Magnum continues this theme by using three gearing systems. A nine speed derailleur system, a three speed rear hub, and two speed crank system. This gives a gear range of 946% or from 12 inches to 110 inches, plus the hub gears and the crank gears can be changed both while in motion and when stationary.

Other features are the crank handles have the spindles completely clear of the riders hands, and which are instantly adjustable for width to suit the shoulder width of the rider. The controls are on a left hand stalk, which houses the rear derailleur shift lever, the balanced two into one brake lever, and the twist grip control for the the three speed rear hub. This stalk is adjustable fore and aft, plus in and out from the seat. Plus it could be shortened if the rider required the controls to be lower. The two speed crank gears are shifted with a button in the centre of the cranks.

Some people may prefer to have the brakes and the gear shifters on the crank handles. We and most of our customers have not found that necessary. However to cater for riders with this preference, we have made the crank handles long enough to accept both shifters and brake lever at there top and bottom. Thus is should be fairly easy to fit the brakes and shifter on the crank handles if need be. Likewise, if this preference is not needed, then the length of the handles could be reduced.

One of the main advantages of the Greenspeed Hand Trikes is that they use the same engineering which has made Greenspeed trikes the 1st choice for long distance touring in all parts of the world, and this has now been enhanced with the design of the Magnum, which has been developed for both on road and off road use. This advantage cannot be explained in any list of specifications, no matter how detailed, it can only be felt by the seat of the pants, in an extensive test ride. Some riders have even ridden long distances on other machines before realizing that none can  compare with Greenspeed for comfort, roadholding, handling and reliability over long distances. In fact many Greenspeed trikes bought over 20 years ago are still in use today