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The EasyLegs Connect is an ultimate tricycle where the legs provide the propulsion. It can be used for many purposes and is easily attachable to your own wheelchair similar to a connectible handcycle. The bike has been designed for people that need more stability than a regular bike offers. For those with impaired body parts it provides all kinds of support to ensure you get the best cycling experience possible. The EasyLegs Connect provides many health benefits like building body mass and enhancing your condition, therefor preventing possible complications. It lets you combine transportation with legs exercise, while giving you the same comfort and ease of use as a mobility scooter.


  • Attachable to your own wheelchair
  • No need for a transfer
  • At your destination, just detach and you are free to wheel off
  • Different pedal options ensure compatibility with various disabilities
  • Lightweight aluminium frame beneficial for connecting and cycling
  • Because of small size and weight easy to store or take with you in a car
  • Improved usability thanks to electric support by FES or an auxiliary engine
  • Compatibility with many handbike connectors

The EasyLegs Connect can be used when additional support is needed, whether it would be in case of issues with muscle strength or coordination


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Stricker Manual Bikes such as the City and Ultra models are the perfect entry to the world of cycling. Lots of options, from five-speed to 72 speed, geared hubs to high quality derailleur gearing.
All bikes are fitted with two forms of braking giving great security. Modifications available for quadriplegic cyclists. And with the unique Stricker attachment system to connect to your bike in seconds; without the need for any brackets on your chair

  • 24 gear chain shifter 789%
  • Disc and V-brake with locking function
  • Ergohandle with handle shifter and brakelevers
  • 20 inch wheel with Marathon tire 20×1,5
  • 1.gear 0,68m, 24.gear 5,33m
  • Stricker cranks
  • Quick release wheel function
  • Kickstand
  • Positionclambs
  • Cycling computer
  • Head- and taillight LED with battery