We offer Trikes that are made to a high standard, the donor bikes that we use to convert to Trikes are from the Raleigh and Scott range.  All of the bikes have alloy frames, and  are available in 16",20",24",26",27.5, 700c wheels, low step throughs are available, and make it easy  to get on and off the Trike.

These features give you the guarantee of a real long lasting cycle.
Rear back pedal brake + front hand brake. Strong alloy rims
and stainless steel spokes with high quality tires. Saddle and handlebar
are customized to your measurements. A rear basket is included.
The following models are available with 24" or 26" option:

  • Single speed with twin drive diff unit
  • 3 speed with twin drive diff unit
  • 7 speed with twin drive unit with back pedal coaster brake.
  • 8 speed with handbrake front and rear.
  • 24/27 speed with twin drive unit+ rollerbrake This model comes with 2 handbrakes (front: V-Brake/back: hub brake)

The rear unit on our Trikes are the same, so as you need a bigger frame size for a growing child, you can still use the basic unit, you don’t have to purchase a complete new trike.

Tower with back support- Adams adjustable back rest.

Bar ends
Turned backwards for different arm length reach

Bins etc.
Instead of the basket we can offer plastic bins or plates for heavy duty use:
Small plate
Small bin

And many more

Toe clips & straps
With or without ankle straps

Fixed rear wheel
The pedals are always turning, NO back pedaling. Gives support in pedaling

Custom-made alterations and additions on request. Do enquire, as this is our specialty.