Most commercially built tricycles have only a one wheel drive. The drive properties of these Tricycles are satisfactory, but our twin-drive unit offers much better handling and stability.
These New Zealand made rear axle units drive BOTH rear wheels.

Over the years different improvements, like for example better bearings and a stronger axle were made - the result is a long lasting product.

Another big advantage of our drive unit is its great flexibility. It can be fitted to any 2 wheel cycle frame. No matter if you want a cool Mountain Trike with 3-4-5-7-18 - 21-24-27 gears or a comfortable Touring Trike with an internal gear hub - we make it possible. Our wide range of accessories allows us to customize YOUR unique Trike.
Our range is rounded off by Gomier Imported Industrial Trikes. They are made in Taiwan to our specifications. They come with a single rear drive and the possibilities to customize them are limited - but they offer best value for money. These models are ideal for lighter usage - they have steel rims as well. ( possible rust issues )

Trikes are perfect for:

  • mobility
  • transport
  • fitness & health
  • recreation & fun
  • independence
  • transport bigger loads than a bicycle

Trikes are suitable for:

  • all ages from 4 years up
  • special needs
  • people with balance problems
  • or simply for people, who are looking for a vehicle that is just a little different.