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 Hase Pino is a very versatile tandem with a recumbent seat in the front. Pino is steered from the back ( front steering optional)

Check out their website for more information - http://hasebikes.com/95-1-Tandem-Pino-Allround.html

The tandem: comfort and fun for cycling duos As a tandem, the PINO offers unprecedented comfort and an exhilarating ride. With its short wheelbase, it is almost as maneuverable as a single-seater. Furthermore, the positions of the recumbent seat and saddle allow for a stronger sense of shared experience, because the riders can communicate effortlessly without having to raise their voices. Furthermore, both riders can enjoy an unrestricted, panoramic view, and there is plenty of space for carrying luggage.

The family taxi: Children’s Crankset mounted in a flash The PINO can also be converted to accommodate younger riders in the front seat, making it the perfect family taxi. All you need is the Children’s Crankset, which can be mounted to the PINO’s front boom in less than two minutes. This accessory also makes it possible to use the PINO as a parent-child touring tandem. And pedaling breaks are no problem at all: the front rider has a freewheel.

The cargo bike: carry home your weekly shopping with the PORTER BAG and RACK Converting the tandem to a cargo bike is a piece of cake. With a capacity of 80 to 120 liters, the PORTER BAG on the front seat can even handle a week’s worth of groceries. When not in use, it can be quickly and easily folded up and stowed behind the seatback.

The PORTER RACK, which is mounted under the seat, has a similar cargo capacity. And its low center of gravity guarantees extremely safe and stable handling, even when the bike is fully loaded. The additional RACK BAG keeps the cargo dry. As a special feature of the cargo set: the PORTER Kickstand provides rock-solid stability when the PINO is parked.

Easy transport thanks to two-part frame - It only takes a few short minutes to open the PINO’s frame joint. Then the two frame halves will fit into practically any compact car. And once you’ve reached your destination, the tandem can be reassembled in a flash.

The Hase Pino comes with 21 gears and with hydraulic brakes
The size can be adjusted for riders from 1.30 up to 2m height.The front seat and the complete front drive can be adjusted in different ways to suit the rider perfectly.
The chain is completely capsuled for safety and perfect look. A special stand (optional) allows the rider to enter the front seat without holding the bike.
Children from 4-5 years can use PINO with the (optional) children crank set.PINO is also available with a unique, fully capsuled hand-drive for paraplegics in the front.
The two of you can equip the PINO according to your tastes and travel plans: “Do we want suspension-fork comfort? And the unparalleled shifting performance of a Rohloff hub? Or maybe some e-powered tailwind built into the front wheel?” The sky’s the limit.
If you are interested in a HASE model , please ask for the HASE brochure or have a look on their website: www.hase-spezialraeder.de

The tandem of unlimited possibilities. With its clever design and high-quality components, it can play the role of transporter, taxi, or touring tandem. Adjustable to fit riders from 4’11” to 6’7” (150 to 200 cm) in height and easy to transport.

Total length:
"83′′-93′′ (210-237 cm)"

Total width:
"25′′ (64 cm)"

Total height:
"41′′-43′′ (104-110 cm) depending on seat adjustment "

Seat height, front:
"25′′ (64 cm)"

Bottom bracket height, front:
"24½′′ (62 cm)"

"57′′ (145 cm)"

Two-part frame/front boom:
7005 aluminum, with adjustable and replaceable dropouts in the rear (Patria patent)

Max. load:
495 lb (225 kg)

suspension fork Spinner Grind 1, reinforced version with steel shaft

SRAM Guide hydraulic disc brakes

"Rear: 26′′, Rim: double wall with double eyelets, Hub: HASE BIKES Tandem Hub, Spokes: Sapim; Front: 20′′, Rim: double wall with eyelets, Hub dynamo: Shutter Precision, Spokes: Sapim; Tires: Schwalbe Marathon 47x406 (front), 50x559

Shimano Deore 27-speed derailleur, Front derailleur: Microshift FD-R539 cold-forged, Microshift bar-end shifters and Herrmans Ergo grips

Crankset/bottom bracket:
Stronglight for tandem with integrated freewheel mechanism, Rear: 170 mm 28-38-48 tooth, left 36 tooth; Front: 165 mm 38 tooth

Lighting system:
Hub dynamo: Shutter Precision, Taillight: B&M Toplight Flat Plus, Headlight: AXA Pico 30-T Steady Auto, LED, standlight

SKS black matt

Luggage rack:
Racktime Addit, Max. load: 66 b (30 kg)

Humpert double kickstand

55 lb (25 kg)

RAL 3002 Carmine Red matt/powder-coated, front boom black anodized with length-adjustment markings