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INVACARE TOP END - Excelerator 24”

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Stable, maneuverable and easy to transfer into and out of, our Custom Excelerator™ Handcycle can go up to 15 mph. The smooth Shimano shifter lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease.The 7-speed Shimano hub with reverse braking means your hands never have to leave the pedals. The QuadGrips or tri-pin quad hand pedals are popular options for those who have impaired hand function, and the mountain drive transmission is great if you have low endurance or steep terrain to climb.
Totally adjustable, the Custom Excelerator™ Handcycle features a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment with a fully adjustable chain tension idler so there is no need to add or remove chain links. Optional Invacare® Top End® V-cranks can provide even more power and clearance. With a weight capacity of 350 lb. everyone can ride. If you don't need the V crank option, a special seat width or color, you might want to consider our Excerator Stock model which ships much faster!

If you want a specific seat width or color, our custom Excelerator™ Handcycle can be built to your specifications plus you can order the V crankset option with its wider cranks to allow more clearance for those who are tall or big. The custom model takes longer and is more expensive but worth it for some customers!

INVACARE TOP END LI'L - Excelerator Kids 20”
This model comes basically with the same features as the 24” model, but with 3 speed hub, frame and seat are especially constructed to children’s needs.

Stable and maneuverable, this kid-sized handcycle is safe for even the first-time handcyclist. The trouble-free 7-speed hub, with reverse braking, means your child’s hands never have to leave the pedals. The Li’l Excelerator™ Handcycle is an upright style handcycle that makes transferring in and out very easy.
Totally adjustable, the Li’l Excelerator™ Handcycle will fit children 42" to 62" featuring a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and straightforward crank height adjustment. Standard safety features include: reflectors, full chain guard, footrest safety straps, safety flag, cushion and seat restraint. The Li'l Excelerator Handcycle is totally adjustable and ready to go!


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Trikes NZ is the Official NZ dealer for Topend appointed by Invacare New Zealand.

The Topend range of hand-cycles has been developed for performance and competition. Our customized models make Topend the best choice for beginners and competitive cyclists. The basic model comes with 7 sped hub with backpedal brake, multi-position footrest system, fully adjustable seat and adjustable handles.Our customized solutions offer 27 speed gear systems with shifters integrated in the handles, disc brakes, caliper brakes or roller brakes, different wheel and tire options, etc.

The Invacare Top End Force RX handcycle is the latest competitive handcycle In the Invacare® Top End® Force™ series. The Force RX handcycle combines the hypersonic speed of the former welded Invacare® Top End® Force™ X Handcycle design with adjustability of the once popular Invacare® Top End® Force™ R Handcycle in a lightweight, aerodynamic package. The 7005 aluminum heat treated frame is fabricated with slick one piece side frames plus there are multiple enhancements to allow a more reclined position without interferences. Check out the sleek the drop outs and the cables which are routed through the head tube so that you don't even see them! The custom reclined frame with an adjustable featherweight carbon fiber back is ultra-light and super stiff. The Force RX handcycle is a completely customized racing machine which includes a SRAM® X9 30 speed drive train or you can upgrade to top-of- the-line SRAM XX or Apex fork mounted shifting components
Are you ready to Force the Pace? Get the Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle! Now available with options for H1 competitors!
Configuring the new Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.  


TOPEND FORCE RX (with H1 - 2 options)

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The 2015 Force RX handcycle features new options for those with limited hand function. QuadGrips hand pedals with wrist shifting combined with our dual elbow activated braking and double tap components help quadriplegics and others with limited hand function be able to compete in H1 or H2 divisions. These great handpedals were designed by James Watson, a quadriplegia who founded his company named to help others like himself compete at the highest level and ability.
If you have your own special hand pedals or prefer our quad cuff hand pedals the Double Tap Frame Mounted Shifter is positioned so that the right shifter operates lower derailleur and combined with the Dual Elbow Activated Frame Mounted Brakes and you are good to stop and go!
A disk brake is included for added safety and “stoppability”.
The quad cuff power plate handpedals feature an adjustable quad cuff to accommodate various hand sizes and positions. There is a detachable hook and loop strap that fastens to the quad cuff for extra security. The lower power plate will help you power through your stroke on the downstroke and the upper power plate will do the same on the upstroke. Most athletes customize their handpedals once they start riding by adding bicycle handlebar tape to optimize their pedal power!!