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The EasyLegs Connect is an ultimate tricycle where the legs provide the propulsion. It can be used for many purposes and is easily attachable to your own wheelchair similar to a connectible handcycle. The bike has been designed for people that need more stability than a regular bike offers. For those with impaired body parts it provides all kinds of support to ensure you get the best cycling experience possible. The EasyLegs Connect provides many health benefits like building body mass and enhancing your condition, therefor preventing possible complications. It lets you combine transportation with legs exercise, while giving you the same comfort and ease of use as a mobility scooter.


  • Attachable to your own wheelchair
  • No need for a transfer
  • At your destination, just detach and you are free to wheel off
  • Different pedal options ensure compatibility with various disabilities
  • Lightweight aluminium frame beneficial for connecting and cycling
  • Because of small size and weight easy to store or take with you in a car
  • Improved usability thanks to electric support by FES or an auxiliary engine
  • Compatibility with many handbike connectors

The EasyLegs Connect can be used when additional support is needed, whether it would be in case of issues with muscle strength or coordination


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With the Speedy-Duo 2, a device has been developed that gives the handbiker a powerful engine support as required and individual setting. This means that almost every driver can safely handle longer, impassable routes and steep climbs or, on days with little well-being, master everyday life with the least amount of effort.

The Speedy-Duo 2 is based on the Speedy-Bike. However, the decisive feature of the Speedy-Duo 2 is the motor with torque control. In the Speedy-Duo 2, the driver has practically combined two units in one: with the engine switched off, a normal handbike; With the engine connected, a handbike, which supports the muscle power with the help of an electric motor.

Engine support means that the force applied by the driver during a crank rotation is interrogated by means of a torque control and, if necessary, motor power is added. The driver receives a support from the first second and from the stand when starting off on the ground or on slopes. In this case, the force which must be applied to the crank in order to activate the motor can be determined by the driver himself via the torque setting lever and can be changed at any time.

Torque control of the motor also means that the support also automatically switches on or off during the journey. For example, when the vehicle is traveling on level ground without motor support, the control reacts with an automatic connection as soon as the terrain becomes steeper. It also reacts with trips when the engine is switched on with a shutdown as soon as bad, bumpy ground changes into smooth asphalt or wind in the wind.


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Thanks to innovative, intelligent sensors, the engine develops its power particularly harmoniously. With a nominal power of 250 watts (in the top 650 watts) and a nominal torque of 12 Nm (40 Nm) the driver can draw from the full.However, the important advantages for wheelchair users lie elsewhere. The wheelchair user can select the degree of support during hand biking from 5 steps.

The intensity of the power development is also selectable, from the energy-saving Eco mode, through the tour mode to the boost mode. The battery (11.25 Ah) is removable. The range depends on many factors. If it is hilly, the range is reduced. The brake assistant can be activated for downhill runs. Like a cruise control, the brake assist (motor brake) prevents the fast downhill ride.

The Speedy Versatio comes with 20-inch (photo) and 26-inch trekking tires. For both tire sizes there is also a coarse cross-tire. If you want to roll on asphalt even more easily, you can also opt for a 26-inch road bike tire.



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The Speedy-B26 has been specially developed for the sporty driver. You can choose between three different types of tires: the 26 "sport tire, the trekking tire with a light profile and the coarse cross-section for those who prefer it even more actively. The shift levers for the 27-speed Shimano chain as well as the brake levers for the V-brake and disc brakes are attached to the handles. Thus, no valuable seconds are lost during shifting and braking. Since the bowden cables of the circuit and the brakes are always entrained in the crank movements and are thus particularly stressed, they are additionally provided with anti-kinking units.

With the V-cranks and the ergonomic handles is not only driven, but also controlled. To ensure that the Speedy-B26 can nevertheless be safely and quietly driven at very high speeds, a steplessly adjustable steering damper prevents unintended steering movements. The force which is to be applied for a steering movement can be freely selected by the driver via the steering damping setting. A very sluggishly set steering does not change the maximum possible steering angle. Thus, the small turning circle is maintained and the Speedy-B26 can even be used on the spot.


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The Speedy-Bike was the first wheelchair-traction device, developed 1994 by Speedy. The classic has been continually improved for more than two decades and has proved itself a thousand times in everyday use. The principle of the simple clutch and lift system could be transferred to all further equipment developments. The Speedy-Bike was designed as a robust everyday device for adult drivers.

The operation of the 8-speed hub circuit and and the back-pedal brake is problem-free. Since the hand pedal is not only driven but also controlled, a steplessly adjustable steering damper avoids unintended steering movements. The driver is free to choose the force which is to be applied for a steering movement. On the stand, the Speedy-Bike can be safely parked when not in use. It also facilitates the coupling and prevents the slipping of the feet from the footboard while driving.