Kettwiesel Hand Bike

Kettwiesel Hand Bike


Kettwiesel Hand Bike 

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High-tech handbiking. Safety, speed, and ergonomics.

Be it a commute or a ride in the countryside- The HASE KETTWIESEL HANDBIKE has what it takes to make mobility fun and boundary-less.

The big differenceUnlike wheelchairs with hand-cycle attach­ments, our HANDBIKE has rear-wheel drive. This means: reliable traction, even when riding uphill. And with the optional Differential on board, not even loose surfaces can slow you down.

All HASE BIKES HANDBIKES use the same drive train – regardless of whether you choose the sporty KETTWIESEL chassis (pictured) or the comfy LEPUS with its slightly higher seat. Our new frames are even available with rear suspension (optional). And you have everything at your fingertips: shifters and brake levers are mounted to the handgrips.

Stops on a dimeSpeedy wheels need strong stoppers. For us, this means reliable hydraulic disc brakes. They not only offer superior braking power: unlike cable-actuated brakes, they are extremely responsive and provide perfect modulation.

Easy transferThe drive unit of the HANDBIKE folds forward, making it easy to get in and out of the seat. The angle can be finely adjusted to the rider’s height, needs, and preferences. Simply reposition the drive-unit support bar to adjust the angle and the distance to the hand crank. The leg supports can also be perfectly adjusted to the rider’s anatomy.

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