Hase pedal pendulumHase arm supportHase calf supportHase five point harnessHase head restHase pedalHase toe clips and back straps Hase shoulder padsHase walking stick holder

Hase Arm Support

If your arm needs a little support for steadiness, this comfortable armrest ensures a relaxed arm position.

Hase Calf Support

In addition to the secure positioning of the foot on the Special Pedal, the calf brace provides stability for the lower leg and the angle of the ankle. Also available in a children's version.

Hase Five Point Harness

Our newly developed Harness System with integrated child-proof buckle guard is not only user-friendly, but also versatile: it can be used as a combined lap and shoulder restraint or as a 5-point harness with an additional strap between the legs. Even more comfort can be added with the optional pads.

Hase Head Rest

Craving a little extra support? The flexible Headrest makes triking even more enjoyable. Lean back during pit stops and soak in some rays.

Hase Pedals

The feet of people with motor disorders can be strapped securely into these pedals, stabilizing them in an anatomically correct position. Sophisticated, but nevertheless easy to use.

Hase Toe Clips and Back Straps 

As an alternative to cleat systems: these pedals hold the front portion of the foot with a brace, guaranteeing the correct foot position, while the elastic strap around the heel prevents slipping.

Hase Shoulder Pads

The optional Shoulder Pads are available for use with the Harness System. They offer additional comfort and can be adjusted for riders of all sizes.

Hase Walking Stick Holder 

Just place the walking sticks or cane in the holder, secure them with the clamp, and hit the road. Multifunctional. Fits tubes 5/8"-21/3" (15-60 mm) in Diameter.