BMX Trike 16/20 inch wheels

16" Trike, with Adams adjustable back rest, toe clips on pedals and a push bar on the back. 20" Trike with push bar, and toe clips on the pedals.

We use exclusively high quality BMX Bikes,from Avanti or Raleigh and build in our unique rear axle unit.

One of the important things is to get the correct size for all of our Trikes. We work with the inside leg length to make sure that you always get the perfect fitting size.

The following base models are available:

  • 16"/20" single speed with single drive.
  • 16"/20" single speed with twin drive diff unit.
  • 16"/20" 3 speed with twin drive diff unit.
  • 20" 7 speed with twin drive diff unit.
  • All models with knobbly or road tires, back pedal brake and front hand brake, Rear basket.