Mountain Bike/City Trikes

The sample photos show our Trikes based on a Raleigh Mountain Bike - there are two versions for Gents or Ladies with lower step through bar. As with the BMX-Trikes we use only high quality products from well known manufacturers to make sure you get a long lasting product. The reason we use mainly 24" wheeled bikes is the lower centre of gravity of those frames which makes the Trikes more stable. The Trikes are equipped with heavy duty alloy rims, knobbly tires, back pedal brake and a front V-brake.

The following models are available:

  • Single speed with twin drive diff unit.
  • 3 speed with twin drive diff unit.
  • 3 speed with AUTOMATIC shifting.
  • 4 speed with twin drive unit.
  • 7 speed with twin drive unit.

Most models are have front suspension. This means more
comfort and control, especially in uneven or rough terrain

9/18/27 speed "derailleur" systems with 2 handbrakes available soon.